Wireless control of lights, devices and electric screens

    Operate your COCO system with your iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone/ tablet

    You can now also operate (and program) your COCO system with your tablet and/or smartphone!

    Dimming/switching lights; switching devices on/off; open/close blinds, shutters or screens. Now also possible by using your tablet and/or smartphone!

    The only thing you need is the easy to install Internet Control Station and the free to download app for your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android smartphone. And of course, COCO receivers of your choice.


    Internet Control Station

    NEW! The ICS-1000 Internet Control Station, the essential link between your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet/ smartphone and your COCO recievers!

    Connect the Internet Control Station at home to your modem/router and control your COCO system at home via WiFi or somewhere else in the world by using a secure internet connection.

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    Test your knowledge of the COCO system!

    Do you want to know all there is to know of the COCO system? Take one of our three quizzes and test your knowledge!

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    Popular products



    The link between your iPad, iPhone or Android phone/tablet and your COCO system. Connect to your modem/router. Free app available to control your COCO system via internet and WiFi.

    € 152.45More info


    AWS-3500 Mini build-in socket switch

    This mini build-in switch can be installed behind any indoor wall socket, to switch lighting and electrical devices up to 3500 Watts (resistive load) on/off wirelessly.

    € 29.95More info



    2-channel wireless wall switch. Battery powered and can be placed everywhere in your home. Suited for controlling on/off receivers, dim receivers and sunblind receivers.

    € 18.80More info